6kw parts only

260.00 € each Weight: 20 kg

Picture is for illustrative purposes only! Your parts will vary.

Parts include

  • PCB
  • PCB accessories like display, keypad, connectors, USB adapter
  • high power switching elements like triacs, SSRs and the necessary resistors, varistors
  • electrical parts like MCBs, terminal blocks
  • 5V power supply
  • mains filter
  • steel casing
  • heat sinks
  • flat ribbon cabling
  • screws
  • 35mm DIN rail Hutschiene

not included:

  • 230V single wire cabling
  • heat conductive paste

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Parts are not pre-drilled.

For 110V operation, the ELC will only be able to handle half the power.

e.g. a 20kW ELC for 230V will be a 10kW ELC for 110 V.