Warranty conditions


1.1.1 Controller board

5 years warranty. Optional 10 years extended warrantly

You report a defective board/power supply. I will ship out a new one immediately, but I want

the old one back for error diagnosis / design improvement and repair. If I don't get the old one

back within 4 weeks, I will charge the regular price for the replacement one.

1.1.2 second redundant external 5V power supply

1 year warranty from the external vendor.

So I will pass that on and give 1 year to the operator, provided I receive the defective power

supply. I will then claim warranty from the external vendor.


1.1.3 Software updates

Bug fixes are free for lifetime. However you have to install the patch yourself.

New features are free for the next 2 years, but there is no obligation from my side to fulfill

customer requests.

It remains at my discretion to charge for new features, if the work involved is substantial.


1.1.4 Defective triacs and SSRs

These parts normally live for decades. They die because of over-current, over-voltage, overheat, and that's beyond my control, so there's no warranty.

And these parts are readily available (either from me or other sources), so can be replaced by

the operator.

Ask for a quote if you need a repair service.



For single orders, I normally don't give discounts. The hydrocontrol is already very cheap.
  • If your order volume is above 1000 EUR,
  • or if you found a comparable ELC cheaper elsewhere,
  • or if you want to buy more than one hydrocontrol,
- then we can talk. Contact form

Shipping costs

Normally I use DHL. Look for the weight of your unit in the price list, then look at the DHL price list world wide

Transglobal Express sometimes also had good rates. You can switch the site language to English.


Since I only keep the PCB in stock, and order all the other parts as needed, I can only do payment in advance, because I need the money to buy the parts.
If you do not can or want to pay in advance, then we need to agree a partial payment, before I start buying the parts.

Buyers protection
If you pay via paypal, you are buyer protected. If I do not deliver, you get the money back from paypal.

Preferred payment methods:

Paypal or bank transfer. With bank transfer, please be aware that you will have to cover the transaction costs.
Please let me know how you want to pay.

Delivery time:
For single units, usually 3-4 weeks. 1 week for getting all the parts delivered to me, 1 week for building, 1 week for shipping.
For bigger orders, I have to work together with a partner. Current capability: 10 units per month or 100 units per year.